Character Development Service

Character Development Service
Anees Fatima Trust

Character Development Service.

Anees Fatima Trust working on Character development service, deliver the lectures on weekly and occasional basis that’s important for nation building. The six principles of character development are trustworthiness, respect, duty, justice, caring, and citizenship, and all of these can only be instilled in a child by proper schooling. Producing students who receive decent grades is insufficient to assisting them in leading productive lives.

You can grow a positive attitude by having a positive heart. In other words, a strong character is the foundation of a charming personality that draws others in. At job, one must be truthful. You must cultivate a sense of loyalty and allegiance to your service. He stated that the educational system should concentrate on delivering quality education, instilling moral values, and cultivating students’ talents so that they can contribute to the nation’s success.
Character Building Core Principles

Integrity, hard work, spirituality and morality, family and marriage, and other fundamental ideals that have helped to make this nation prosperous don't have to fade away. These fundamental principles, as well as the significance of personal character, must be learned, stressed, promoted, and celebrated.

Character Development Goal

The key aim of this society is to have discovery, opportunities for education, things that are going on in the age, character, personality growth to have savoir-faire, cultivate their enterprising talents, and to engage with students and participants who have similar interests in the area.

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