Medical Treatment Services

Medical Treatment Services
Anees Fatima Trust

Medical Treatment Services.

The aim and the objective of Medical Treatment
is  to provide services to the poor patients uplifting their spirits, hopes, and longing for survival on the earth. Professionals, volunteers, nurses and other staffs running the medical institutions put their core energy, time, effort and commitments .

We bear all medical expenses, including the cost of medicines, hospital bills, surgeries etc. on behalf of the needy patients so that they can return back home in good health. Thousands of patients have benefitted from the organization as they were relieved from the sickness and pain.

Eye Camps provide low cost eye care services to needy people, our services include OPD (Treatment of refractive errors and eye problems with free medicine) Provision of reading and vision glasses at low cost Cataract and Glaucoma surgeries.  

Medical camps

Medical camps  offer free Blood Pressure Check Up, Blood Sugar Checkup, and BMI Checkup to its visitors. Some medical camps held indoors offers free laboratory tests and radiology investigations like X-ray, CT, ultrasound etc. Specialized doctors, nurses, volunteers and security staffs join the medical camps to provide the best healthcare services in a secure environment.

Free Medical dispensery:

We have always believed in the development of the people and for a bright future it is very important to have a good health. AIM has many health programs going on providing free medical treatment to the poor people.

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