Schooling Educational Services

School Education Services
Anees Fatima Trust

School Education Services.

The first and most important responsibility of the Anees Fatima Trust is to the poor children of Pakistan who will be fostered and nurtured in our schools. They must receive a rigorous, all-encompassing education.

The best talents in contemporary and academic subjects to train for higher education, as well as conventional experience of language, literature, architecture, and humanities to further their identities in taking on future social obligations. This must be achieved in a disciplined, harmonious, and tidy atmosphere that is free of disruptions.

Qualified Staff

The Trust Centre for Teachers' professional learning services will be technically sound and tailored to successful instruction at the elementary, intermediate, and higher secondary levels of education.

Curriculum Activities

All of the scheduled events that the school organises in order to encourage literacy, professional growth, and advancement are included in the curriculum.

Non Curriculum Activities

More than just teaching students to read and do math is needed. Students also share lunch, attend field trips, and participate in school-sponsored clubs and sports teams.

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